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  • A Chair with a Story

     A Chair with a Story

    A Chair with a Story

    The Chair

    As you enter the restaurant, you look to the side, and there is one of the most stunning chairs you have ever seen!  It’s a little worn for wear, but it’s beautiful!  Look at the character of the lines.  It had to be spectacular when it was new!  This is the chair that would be the model for the Madonna Wing Chair, offered by Magnolia Hall.  As with all things, this chair has a story.  Let me tell you about it.

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  • “I’m More Than Just a Number!”

    “I’m More Than Just a Number!” Have you ever felt you were treated like a “number” rather than a “person”, with feelings and intelligence?  In the process of efficiency, and management, or perhaps a lack of concern for the customer, companies will sometimes slip into the pattern of losing touch with people.  We feel the same can be said about furniture.  What do we mean?

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  • Sneak Peek

    Sneak PeekAs we mentioned in our last post, we saw some interesting, nay exciting, new designs at the furniture market in High Point.  We are giving you just a sneak peek of some of the new living rooms that were presented.  A word of caution:  These are proposed designs.

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  • Highpoint Market Report

    Highpoint market report

    We just returned from the furniture market in Highpoint, NC.  You never know what you will find at each market.  It could be a “boy, I didn’t find anything exciting” market, or a “Wow! There are a lot of new things we can offer our customers!” market.  So, which kind of market was it?

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  • Thank you for participating!

    Thank you for participating!

    Our first blog was posted on September 4, 2014.  It was entitled: “Ordering Furniture by Catalog”.  It discussed the history of purchasing by mail order, something that is becoming more common today, but at one time it was not so easy.  If you read the blog I think you will find it interesting.   Recently we decided to post two different kind of blogs.  We have had two product give-aways in the last several months.  The first was our Pollyanna Floor Lamp giveaway.

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  • Do you like Treasure Hunts?

    Do you like Treasure Hunts?

    Here’s a treasure hunt for you!  A Magnolia Hall Treasure Hunt.  You might be wondering what the treasure is, right?  As with all treasures, you don’t know what is actually there until you find it, but we can tell you, you will love it!

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  • Three myths about Romantic Furniture


    Three myths about Romantic FurnitureIt has been proven that myths can create uncertainty, and uncertainty creates suspicion. Suspicion, in turn, creates fear.  When you think of myths, you might think of the Loch Ness Monster, or Bigfoot.  But, are there any myths that may affect your view of Romantic Furniture?  You may not fear Romantic furniture, but you may be afraid that It’s not a good choice.  But first, what do we mean by “Romantic furniture”?

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  • Win the free Pollyanna Floor Lamp

    People are standing in line… to win the FREE

    Pollyanna Floor Lamp

    What could be better!  Romantic designed lighting that is FREE!  The Pollyanna was originally $399.95, but we wanted to thank you for your loyal support of Romantic Furniture design.  There is no obligation to join anything.  This is just for fun!  Sign up now.  Who knows, you could see the beautiful Pollyanna Floor Lamp in your living room!

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  • Romantic Lighting

    Romantic LightingWhy do you suppose romantic lighting, like our Secret Garden Lamp, is one of the most popular items at Magnolia Hall?  Lamps are a key element in interior design.  After all, think about how many times you turn on a lamp, or look to see if a lamp is on high?  We constantly see them and use them.  They are pretty hard to ignore!  So, it’s not surprising that people want their lighting to “make a statement”, like our Pink Roses Lamp. Continue reading

  • Downton Abbey Lighting

    Downton Abbey Lighting

    The Downton Abbey Lighting Collection is one of our newest additions.  We were immediately attracted to this exclusive collection of decorative floor and table lamps, such as the captivating Fringe Table Lamp.  The collection captures the grand style of the popular series that is set in an English castle in Yorkshire.  Why are we so drawn to this amazing period in history?

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